Government Fees (Fees vary on License Type, Level of Service, and ORI #)

Livescan Rolling Fee

$47 per person



$47 is‏ our ROLLING FEE. Be aware that there may be DOJ/FBI fees that may apply. Please ask the requesting agency if those fees will be added on top of our rolling fee or if they will provide you with a billing number to cover the government fee.

To be paid at livescan site, if applicable

DOJ ( Department of Justice) Fee  Varies

To be paid at the livescan site, if applicable

**There may also be additional criminal history processing fees collected for the DOJ and the FBI for the background checks. (For DOJ and FBI fees, please click the link.) While often paid by the agency requesting the criminal history review, some applicants may have to pay this fee so check with your requesting agency. NO REFUNDS ONCE LIVESCAN HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO DOJ/FBI FOR PROCESSING. All sales are final once DOJ/FBI have submitted a OSCN number to our locations as receipt of acceptance of livescan.

We provided ink fingerprinting by using traditional FBI approved ink.

FBI Fingerprint Ink Card (FD-258) Fee (per card)

$54 per card

Purchase Ink Card


Other fees:

Photocopies 1.00 +

Emailing service $6.00 +

Internet Usage $6.00 +

FD-258 Cards Pack of 3 – $12.95 plus shipping

We have a notary public on staff during all business hours. See our prices below!


$15 per signature

Copy of Journal Entry

.30 per entry

Must provide name and date of individual(s) being inquired


$15 per signature



Including Oath‏ and Affirmation

plus $5 for administering an oath to a witness and $5 for completing the certificate on the deposition.

Certified Copy of Power of Attorney

$15 per signature

Immigration Papers

$15 per signature

We Accept Cash and the Following Cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, CapitalOne,

credit card accepted