FORM – For California live scans, bring the “Request for Live Scan Service Form” (three (3) copies) kindly fill out the required fields correctly in section 5, including your Social Security Number and place of birth. FORM OF IDENTIFICATION – Bring a valid photo ID. For example, CA Driver’s License, CA ID card, or Out-of-state Driver’s License. SECONDARY FORMS OF ID: (ONE OR MORE) – Example: US Passport, Social Security Card, Foreign Passport (w/appropriate immigration document), Certificate of Citizenship (N560), Certificate of Naturalization (N550), Resident Alien Card (issued since 1997), or Employment Authorization Card you will need three forms of ID with these forms of ID, such as utility bills, social security card. If you need Departamental Review (FBI Live Scan) you need to bring us your current picture ID. We now can do FINRA Live Scans for those who qualify.  We also do Florida Live Scans, you must have an ORI number. 

Live Scan